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Vehicle strikes, injures two students

HIBBING — Two Hibbing High School students were struck and injured by a vehicle at 8:33 a.m. Thursday in the intersection of Howard Street and 10th Avenue East.Read the rest of "Vehicle strikes, injures two students" ...

Essar reaches 800-worker total

NASHWAUK — The $1.9 billion Essar Minnesota project on the west Iron Range is defying current mining conditions, much to the betterment of more than 800 construction and permanent workers at the NashwRead the rest of "Essar reaches 800-worker total" ...


Chisholm School Board sets levy at max - Hibbing Daily Tribune

Chisholm School Board sets levy at maxHibbing Daily TribuneBusiness Manager Shannon Zubich said that by adopting the levy at the maximum amount now, there is an option to decrease it before the final levy is set in December. ...

Hall of Famer to play Fortune Bay - Mesabi Daily News

Mesabi Daily NewsHall of Famer to play Fortune BayMesabi Daily NewsChmielewski received nine Minnie Grammies from the Minnesota Music Academy, and, along with the Minnesota Music Hall of Fame honor, he was inducted into the Ironworld USA Hall of Fame in Chisholm. ...

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Heino loves Special Olympics and those involved - Mesabi Daily News

Using her 'special' touch - Hibbing Daily Tribune

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The map that changed the world

When Benjamin Franklin helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris in 1783 that ended America's Revolutionary War, he used a map called The Mitchell Map, to fix the international boundary.The Mitchell Map was created by a gentleman named John Mitchell, and one of the interesting things about him was that he was not a professional map maker or geographer. ...


Did you know the ground beneath you is moving? It’s true. The earth’s upper crust, the stuff we stand on, is actually “floating” along on things we call “plates.” How fast does it move? Most plates move about two inches per year. ...

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July Quilt Installed at Library

July Quilt Installed at Library

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