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Arthur A. Rinta, 85, dies - The Ely Echo

Arthur A. Rinta, 85, dies
The Ely Echo
He had a 30-year career with the Minnesota Highway Patrol. He was married for 58 years to a former Ely schoolteacher, Augusta and raised three children. Art enjoyed traveling with his wife Augusta, including regular trips to his former northland Read the rest of "Arthur A. Rinta, 85, dies - The Ely Echo" ...

US Capitol Christmas tree cut down in Cass Lake, Minnesota

For the first time in 22 years, a Minnesota tree will be in the spotlight. at the Nation's capital.Read the rest of "US Capitol Christmas tree cut down in Ca" ...


Chisholm council appoints deputy clerk - Mesabi Daily News

Chisholm council appoints deputy clerkMesabi Daily NewsCHISHOLM — The Chisholm City Council Tuesday concluded its search for a new deputy clerk/treasurer. ...


Hibbing Daily TribunePRESERVING MINING HISTORYHibbing Daily TribuneCHISHOLM — Just east of Chisholm, along Highway 169 and the Mesabi Trail, stands the towering the Bruce Mine Headframe. ...

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Soldiers welcomed home - Hibbing Daily Tribune

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The map that changed the world

When Benjamin Franklin helped negotiate the Treaty of Paris in 1783 that ended America's Revolutionary War, he used a map called The Mitchell Map, to fix the international boundary.The Mitchell Map was created by a gentleman named John Mitchell, and one of the interesting things about him was that he was not a professional map maker or geographer. ...


Did you know the ground beneath you is moving? It’s true. The earth’s upper crust, the stuff we stand on, is actually “floating” along on things we call “plates.” How fast does it move? Most plates move about two inches per year. ...

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